ANU plays Host to Week 2 League matches

September 24, 2014 kusa-nairobi 5342

The African Nazarene University will this weekend be hosting the Kusa Nairobi conference league games.ANU, the only University with an indoor basketball court will play host to ZUBL.Netball is set to start this weekend at UoN. Hockey will be hosted […]


Flames and Terrorist out to defend ZUBL Titles

September 19, 2014 kusa-nairobi 2325

The fixtures for the 2014/15 ZUBL season are out with the league starting tomorrow at Strathmore University. Defending ZUBL Champions USIU flames kickoff their campaign to defend their title against newcomers Zetech as the Men defending champions Uon Terrorists plot […]


KUSA Nairobi roller-coaster is back!

September 13, 2014 kusa-nairobi 5575

Delight. Ecstasy. Joy. Thrill. Sorrow. Dejection. Agony. Disappointment. Edgy. Nervy. Tense. Anxious. Get set, the emotional roller-coaster is back! With less than a week to the start of the biggest University sports league the mood is upbeat with each team […]